"Narain Anglo Vernacular" School Association (Trust) is registered on 5 march 1913 as per the "Will" made by Late Lalita Dei in order to construct a school on the land donated on 4 March 1913 at Shikohabad.
The Founder Members of Trust are -
  1. Lala Pati Ram            (President)
  2. Shri. Bhola Nath
  3. Shri.Jas Rat Rai
  4. Shri. Jagat Narain (Civil Judge, Aligarh)
  5. Babu Guru Saran Das
  6. Shri. Nanhe S/o Shri. Jawahar Lal
  7. Shri. Chand Bihari Lal
  8. Shri. Madho Narain "Kayasth"
  9. Bohare Brij Lal Paliwal
  10. Shri. Ram Bharose Singh
  11. One More Member
This Trust first established a primary school which is recognized in 1928 which grows and got recognition for High school in 1932 and for Intermediate in 1943. Later on in 1956 "Narain College" is established with B.Sc. classes. Now-a-days the college has three streams viz - Science, Arts and Agriculture with P.G. courses.
The Executive Body of Trust at present is -